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New Construction & Lighting Design

The Elcon Group is dedicated to providing clients with a different perspective on “New” lighting designs.Many architects, contractors and clients focus on the aesthetic appeal and up-front cost of a light fixture. Energy conservation and long term maintenance of that lighting is often overlooked. In most cases, we can provide the look our client’s desire, while addressing operating costs and often eliminating long term maintenance headaches.

TIt might be hard to believe that energy efficient lighting could be “BRIGHTER” and provide a “BETTER QUALITY OF LIGHT”. The reality is that LED lighting has evolved and is continuing to evolve at a rapid pace. There are better solutions for quality and aesthetics that preserve your company’s hard earned capitol, while providing a cleaner and greener environment. These same products can dramatically reduce and sometimes eliminate the need to change lamps. The advantages of not renting lifts for hard to reach lighting fixtures and eliminate that maintenance expense will dramatically affect the bottom line.

Energy Solutions Now and for Future Building and/or Expansion

As we mentioned earlier, “lighting has evolved and is continuing to evolve at a rapid a pace.” Energy is a necessary commodity that we must learn to conserve as well as develop in new ways, not just in lighting, but in all facets of our ordinary business and life. The Elcon Group in partnership with our Energy alliances nationwide, work to provide companies with better solutions through photovoltaics (solar power) wind turbines and “Demand Side Management”; namely, showing people how to better purchase their utilities; specifically water, gas and steam.