CCMS Lighting, Inc.

A CCMS Lighting Retrofit Project from Beginning to End

Lighting Audit

A facility audit (or lighting inventory) will be performed. Using our standardized audit sheet and a building map provided by you (if needed), each area is assigned an Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) or a location number. Our goal is to inspect as much of the facility as possible, including closets, storage areas, and restrooms. The following information is recorded for each fixture type found in each area:

  • ECM location number
  • Location description
  • Annual hours of operation (lights)
  • Fixture quantity
  • Fixture description
  • Notes (voltage, ceiling height, etc.)

Analysis and Engineering

Once the data is entered into our system, an analysis is performed. Based on this information, we research incentives, and have discussions with the client about their specific needs (increase lighting, aesthetics, and any special requirements). We then design your unique lighting solution.

Presentation of Proposal

We will walk you through all of the information contained in the proposal. We encourage you to ask as many questions as needed until you feel comfortable with the information provided.


If you are prepared to move ahead with the project based on an acceptable ROI, we will install a test area. We will retrofit the agreed areas to give you the chance to see exactly what will replace your current light fixtures.

Construction Audit

A second facility-wide lighting audit is performed. During the construction audit, fixture counts are verified, and we identify any construction-related issues that will impact the cost of the project. These issues could include new construction or other changes in your facility since the initial audit. A team of two to four CCMS staff, including at least one project manager, performs the construction audit. This is to ensure that there are no surprises when the project begins.

Project Installation

Upon receipt of a signed contract, materials are ordered which are drop-shipped from distributors and manufacturers. The project manager assigned to the project schedules a pre-construction meeting with you. The purpose of the meeting is to develop a plan of action with input from you. Our commitment to you is a "no surprises" project.

Project Completion

Upon project completion, a detailed walk-through of the facility is done. Excess material, dumpsters, ballasts, and fluorescent lamps containers are removed from the site (ballasts and fluorescent lamps are recycled by EPA-authorized handlers, and you are provided with all necessary recycling certificates). A small stock of maintenance material will be left at the facility, as well as an "As Built Document” that includes cut sheets, warranty information and material ordering information. You are encouraged to call CCMS if there are any questions or concerns related to the project.