About the Companies

Two companies combined to create one great solution

The Elcon Group and CCMS Lighting operate in synergy to address all of your energy needs. We work together to implement and execute with confidence and excellence. Our engineering is always based on the needs of our clients, with a focus on providing quality options for all your energy and lighting applications.

Our company has a national scope with offices in Hopkinton, Massachusetts; South Carolina; and Las Vegas, Nevada. Whether it’s engineering, consulting, or implementing projects, we provide a complete and comprehensive answer to a company’s lighting and energy needs. From the initial stages of New Construction, The ELCON Group provides engineering and energy consulting that has saved our customers millions of dollars annually. CCMS provides flawless execution working any shift necessary in an effort to satisfy the unique needs of each and every one of our clients. Project Managers are assigned to each project to answer client questions, provide scheduling updates, and organize material deliveries and recycling of used items (lamps, ballasts, etc). At the conclusion of every project an “as-built” is provided to every client, which includes the following:

  • Warranty information on all Products used
  • Recycling certificates
  • Product specification sheets on all Products used
  • Final As-Built summarizing the entire project

Together, The ELCON Group and CCMS Lighting provide expert energy and lighting consulting and realistic solutions that can put a company in a positive cash position with a better quality of light.Working directly with your energy provider we insure that you receive the maximum incentive dollars available, every project, every client, every time.